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TeleHealth involves consultations via phone or webcam with Dr. Harding. Initial consults are 55 minutes long. Dr. Harding will gather information to gain a comprehensive understanding of your background, current condition, and possible future risks. From there, Dr. Harding will provide recommendations and the two parties will create a plan of action. 

Working together, Dr. Harding provides insight, resources, and educational materials to improve current and future daily life. 


Dr. Harding is only licensed in Washington state, and thus, does not diagnose or treat medical conditions of clients outside of Washington. If you are located outside of Washington, Dr. Harding cannot order testing. She will provide you with information about what tests would be best suited for your needs, and may suggest testing that can be ordered by the client.


Initial consult 55-minutes $250

Follow up, 50 minutes $180

Follow up, 30 minutes $140

Follow ups <25 minutes are $4 / minute

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